A unique method of personal transformation and achieving your goals through drawing
Oksana Avdeeva
Oksana Avdeeva
- practicing psychologist
- neurographics instructor

What is Neurographics?

A science-based method for personal transformation and achieving your goals through drawing.

This method is based on the theoretical foundations of psychology, philosophy, sociology and the latest scientific discoveries in the field of neurophysiology of the brain.

It allows you to transform and model the existing reality very easily and effectively.

Oksana Avdeeva

Instructor of online-school
«Neurographics. Oksana Avdeeva».
- graduate psychologist
- neurographics instructor
- art therapist
- more than 10 years of experience in the field of life coaching
- author of courses and webinars, such as "NeuroHealing", "PRO Money", "Inner Child" and many others
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Over 2 years, more than 500,000 students participated in our courses and webinars from all over the world: from Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, Kazakhstan, Australia, USA, Canada, Europe, Africa..
10 000+ reviews from students
Students leave reviews and share their results on all social networks and in private messages.
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More than 20 trainings on Neurographics have been created.
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Oksana Avdeeva and Anastasiia Nikiforova

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My first acquaintance with neurographics began with an acquaintance with Oksana. A friend told me about neurographics, but I had not even heard of it. I set up a search on the Internet and the first thing I saw was Oksana's little lessons. Easily, with humor, just effortlessly, Oksana created a miracle on a piece of paper. It was these lessons and the incredibly charming Oksana that led me to study neurographics.
I sincerely wish everyone to see this miracle in Oksana's courses, to experience the possibilities of neurographics, not to be afraid to dream and learn to wish for more!
Oksana, easy pencils for you, new creative workshops and courses. I would be happy to come to you for the author's courses. Thank you!
Oksana, thank you very much for the knowledge that you generously shared with us. All the lessons were held in one breath, it is difficult to say which one was the best - all are wonderful. All lectures are clear and understandable. You are great at explaining and inspiring, giving hints. I found very accessible for me, a beginner, explanations of all the processes that take place during drawing. Feelings are really changing for the better. In addition, there were side effects - relations with loved ones improved, became calmer. I will continue to learn from you!

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